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Text for Page 166 [03-11-1853]

              after supping with them at Sweenys, we walked through drenching
rain to the Lyceum.           Farce, then a melodrama
ycleped �Pauline� by Dumas, nonsense, intensely French nonsense, but amu-
sing from its startling incidents, thunder storms, secret doors,
pistollings & finally a duel across a table, in which the Satanic,
Byronic, gambling, highway-robbing impossibility who�s the hero
of the piece gets artistically and anatomically settled.     Withal
it was very well played.   Laura Keene�s English face, voice
and acting I like, much.         This Lyceum is a capitally
managed little place, your�e always amused �       The Old piece
of �The Ways of Windsor� after, Brougham in�t.     /      Leaving
at the close,  we went to the Star at Lispenard Street, then
ate Welsh Rarebits & drank ale, & reviled Brightly who
would fain assume greater wisdom that the rest of us in not
tolerating �Pauline!           The play & players were pretty freely
criticized, when anon I find that one of the latter is in
the room.    �Twas Reynolds, who boarded at Mrs Leave�s,
during my sojourn there.    A few words passed between us
anent old acquaintances.                Broke up at 12, &
they to their mutual boarding house, I to my
cockloft, through such a fall of rain as might have sufficed
for a circle of Dante�s hell.
  12. Saturday.  Hither & thither.   Drawing the greater               
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