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Text for Page 167 [03-12-1853]

              part of the day.  Down town to Picayune Office at nightfall.
Return, after supping at Sweeney�s.       Brown and Waud
came.  (The latter however, is now, nominally defunct, being
transformed into Charles Franc�is Damoreau.)    They both
get to reading, I to drawing; when presently in came Kelly,
Dillon�s hearty Irish friend, who hath been Canal surveying
in Jersey.     He & another with him went out to feed, after
a talk, anon he returned, and we all turned out.    But
the fire bells ringing continuously, Brown & Waud set off at
speed down Broadway and I followed.       But the other twain
did out-run me.        Reached the spot, the end of Wall St,
by the East River.      Engines, a crowd, mud and water,
great tumult, smoke & thats all.     Stayed there half
an hour, returned alone, to Erfords, found Kelly & crony
there.       With them till 12, then to bed.
  13.  Sunday.    The three called.    Waud called again
after dinner.     Out with him, to the Battery.  A sunny,
breezy, tranquil walk.    Brightly & Mrs Warner at the
Battery.     Waud and I unable to get a boat, crossed
to Brooklyn by the Hamilton Avenue Ferry, meeting Davis
on the way.         Returned anon, walked up to Reade Street
together, where we parted.    I supped at Sweeny�s, then
drew till 11, finishing big drawing for the Harpers.   Then               
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