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Text for Page 168 [03-13-1853]

              feeling hot & unholy, walked down to Fulton Street to find
Waud & Brightly, but they were not there.   Met Holcomb,
and to the �Rainbow� with him and other two.   Anon to the
�News� Office, with them till 12 1/2, then to room & bed.
  14.  Monday.  To the Harpers with Brightly, intro-
ducing him;        I got paid for drawings, he carried two away
to engrave.       To the Shades for ale.   Met Swinton, Davis
& Rogers there.       To room drawing.  Picayune work.
Evening, Drawing.      Davis came, with two fiddles. Got him
to go purchase straw & restuff my mattrass, which he did leaving
my room half full of the displaced straw.        Down town anon,
to the woodpeckers.        A bitter, deathly cold night, and a
raging wind blowing.        Over to the �News� office, looking
at drawings &c.    Brown & Waud returned with me, 
calling at �Shades� by the way.
  15.  Tuesday.  Down town.    Returned & drawing,
after getting rid of my room-full of straw,  the which
I accomplished partly by burning, partly by pitching out
of window, partly carrying down into cellar, (using an
old coat as a sack.      Waud called.               A letter
from Barth.      Is inclined to matrimonalize again.
What will not plenty of leisure effect! (Barth got wed yesterday.)    Drawing till
10, then to reading till 1.     Finished Carlyle�s               
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