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Text for Page 169 [03-15-1853]

              Life of Sterling.     What a beautiful picture of a human
soul it is.      And what a rich, loving, appreciative heart
the sombre old growler, the inflexible Carlyle has, after
all.   /         Why I�d like to know what church can
show me a saint like Albert Samson?
    I want Sartor Resartus horribly.  Haven�t read it since
I did in Banbury hay fields.   Must get it & Montaigne.
  16. Wednesday.    Down town with Picayune blocks. A
call  at Weeds, then to room.     Drawing all the afternoon,
and till 9.    Then a little scoring up this diarizing, and
reading Montaigne & Elizabeth Browning.
  17.  Thursday.  Stirred out but for meals all day.   Drawing
till 10.        Being Saint Patrick�s day, great parading and
music playing down Broadway by Irishmen in honor of their
Scottish-born saint.        Welden called in the earlier part of
the evening, staying however but short time.         Reading Browning.
  18.  Friday.    To Picayune Office,  Wells & Webbs &
then Lantern Office.    Brougham there, bothered and mata-
grabolized, having all the business on his hands; Powell
being laid up with a broken ancle.           To Post Office,
then to room.         Drawing till 10, then walked down to
Fulton Street expecting to find the folks there.    Only Holcomb
& the Frenchman Baudoin; with whom I talked awhile,               
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