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Text for Page 171 [03-20-1853]

              all boarded up.   Tree tops and herbage seen within. A
fine unmolested place for snakes I�d fancy.        A Telegraph
station near on the heights, below us the commencement of another
fort.       Brown & Swinton commenced stone throwing awhile.
Returned & aboard ferry-boat by 6, meeting Leslie there. /
To New York, fed, then to my room.        Reading together.
Montaigne, Browning & wife & Motherwell.
  21.  Monday.   A June day misplaced.    Drawing, with
open windows, sunlight streaming in & balmy summer air.
Down town by 3, thence after leaving drawings at Picayune
Office, called at Strongs & got $18.   To the South Ferry
with some thought of proceeding to Fort Hamilton, there to call
on Creecy, but only crossed to Brooklyn, made a call,
& returned to go to Burtons, seeing the �Merry Wives of 
Windsor� indifferently well marred.    Costumes good.   Ben
Haun the check taker there.    Took him and another out at
the close & had oyster supper.s
  22.  Tuesday.  Drawing; down town.   Evening with
Waud to Mignon�s Gymnasium, Crosby Street, which we purport
joining.     Fellows there doing Amusing Calisthenics.   Leaving
at 9 or so, I called at Mr Greatbatchs.   Their little boy
Will is sick & dangerously so.
  23. Wednesday.  Drawing.   Down town, Picayune Office,               
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