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Text for Page 083 [01-31-1850]

              then its advocate disclosed to myself and a stout Englishman
a certain projected �System� wherewith to destroy monopoly of
riches, making land the basis of property. Warm hearted
but impracticable philantrophists are these men � men can
not and will not classify like beavers � the aristocrat of
Intellect will be paid better and have, and satisfy more wants
than the hewer of wood and drawer of water.  But most assur-
edly ere the present Century be ended, wondrously greater will
be man�s knowledge and consequently power.  None but dolts who
pride themselves in not seeing beyond their noses can doubt that
as Earth and Water have yielded and become Man�s holds so will
Air, and be navigated likewise.  What of the spirit may not
Mesmerism yet unfold?    We have got bits of the chain � cannot
connect and link the science � have a confused medley � old and
new. But then
	�Think Father � May not Heaven
	     Be thus common earth full-grown?
	Think � Are not signals given
	     Of it�s [voyage?], well nigh flown � ?
/  Drawing till Evening, only going out for a few minutes
in the afternoon.           Then writing till near midnight,
in reply to Mine Own, Only love.  /               
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