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Text for Page 172 [03-23-1853]

              Weeds,  Engravers in Fulton Street &c.         Evening in-doors.
Reading Montaigne.        Waud called.
  24. Thursday.     Drawing.     Down town.  Book buying,
bought Rabelais, leaving it at �Times� Office for Weldon, with
accompanying rhymes.       �Cid� for myself.    Sketching at the
Naturalization Office, City Hall.     Mr Johns called in the after-
noon.   He dwells at 393, Fourth Avenue.      Evening to Canal
Street for a bath.      Called at Beach Street & sate in
converse with Mrs Kidder and a pleasant faced �California
widow� there.         Whytal came, staying not long.  He &
Lotty will reside there hereafter.
  25.  Friday.  Drawing.   Welden called.      Don�t recollect
this days� items.
  26.  Saturday.   In doors till 6, then out, to Fulton
Street &c.  Returning up town with Waud & Brown.
Hair cut.   Evening in doors.   Welden called for Bleak
  27.  Sunday.  After dining leisurely at Erfords, to
Franklin Street for Waud.     He out.    Talked awhile
with Mrs [Theall?] & Warner, then to Office again.  Thence,
to Fulton Street, where I found Alf Waud.   A stroll,
Battery & East River wharf.     Sunlight and wintry wind
everywhere.     Evening, he came for me, and after an               
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