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Text for Page 173 [03-27-1853]

              unsuccessful call at Neagle & Brigg�s, then to Chapin�s Church.
Very crowded was it, and deservedly so.     �Twas one of a
Series of Sermon-Lectures, repeated.        Missing Waud at 
the conclusion, I walked to Beach Street, where Lotty opened the
door to me.   Within, I found her mother, husband, some two
men visitors.      Discursive talk, candid egotisms, and then
the production of Lotty�s baby.    Whereupon I vented speculation
on babies, and there was much talk and more laughter.
The Lotty sang divers songs. two visitors leaving, Lotty & her husband going to street 
anon she returned, my sombrero stuck on one side of
her curls, and her dainty little paws hidden in my huge hairy
gauntlet gloves.    Laughingly coming forward towards the sofa whereon
I sat, beside the mother,  she mocked and moved awhile, and
I, taking advantage of a dim privilege, (the which I believe her
mother first enlightened me with;) pulled her beside me, and kissed
that sweet upturned mouth of hers, again, and yet again.       Certes
as penalty I had to do the like, once to the mama, as she
incontinently donned the hat afterwards.         Sate between �em and
talked.   Whytal came in.   He�s a decent enow little fellow,
I think, fond of her, � and they may live, now, quietly enough
together.    Or they may not, which is full as likely.      Whytal
lit a cigar, and despite a mild protest on his part  Lotty did
the same, and smoked it with all the gusto of a Mexican donna.               
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