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Text for Page 174 [03-27-1853]

              One wouldn�t like his wife to smoke.   But some how there was
a fitness of it, with Lotty.     She looked pretty, doing it, �
and �twas a very good cigar.          An impromptu oyster supper
anon,  Whytal fetching �em, more merry talk & little rompings,
and I walked through the clear chill midnight Streets � to my
solitary room.           It�ll hardly last.
  28.  Monday.  Down town, Post Office, Office of Barnum &
Beachs paper, seing Leslie & leaving sketch, Picayune Office &c
Drawing in the afternoon.    Evening at Wallacks with Waud
to see �Money.�        I like Laura Keane, face, voice and
playing.       I can�t find aught to cavil at in the latter, albeit
I�ve seen her in so many diverse parts.          She hasnt any
miserable mannerisms, talks like a human creature & a lady,
don�t roll her R�s & say �key-ind� and �skey-i,� nor
over-do a part as nearly all players do.     I like her pleasant
English speech and look. /            Holcomb joined us, after
�Money� was over.  �High Life Below Stairs� followed.   Supped
at Erfords, en triumvirate.
  29. Tuesday.    Fred Greatbatch came, with word that
little Will was dead, and bidding me to the funeral.
So at half past one I went there, and was by Mr Great-
batch ushered into the front room, which was dark, the outer
blinds being closed, and a number of persons present.  On               
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