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Text for Page 175 [03-29-1853]

              a table fronting the empty fire-place stood the little coffin.   I
went to it to look at the child�s face, and not till then
was cognizant that the veiled figure which sat beside it was poor
Mary Anne.     She put out a black gloved hand and squeezed mine.
More persons came anon,   Alcock & his wife.     And after
nigh an hours waiting the minister, who delivered the customary
address.         There after some little delay, we moved down stairs,
and into the carriages.  I entered the second one, in which were
also three others, young man & wife, and another woman.  So
we moved on, rather slowly through the sunlit, dusty, bustling
streets to the East River, and crossing by one of the less frequent-
ed ferrys the bright, beautiful, river, on through Brooklyn
towards Greenwood.       It was a lovely day, true summer weather,
and save for dust every thing outward, pleasant to look upon.
Getting to Greenwood betwixt 4 & 5 we wound along its paths
for a good mile or more, and then issued forth on an open space
where were many childrens graves, percieveable by the little mounds
surmounting them.       The spot seemed but recently added to the
Cemeterys ground,  it was unornamented, and bare.    Some
score or two of persons scattered about, and blue untroubled
sky over all .    There was a little squared pit awaiting the coffin &
it was speedily lowered down, and the men commenced filling in the
earth.   It seemed sad, that mass of earth upon the upturned, dumb               
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