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Text for Page 176 [03-29-1853]

              face of a little child.       Presently the grave was filled & we re-
turned to our carriages again,  this time I accompanied Mary Ann
& her husband in the first one.        We rode back briskly, talking
much of the child.         I supped with them, then to my room &
bed early.
  30. Wednesday.  Drawing, Picayune work &c. Evening,
with Waud to the Gymnasium, there commencing practice, by
weight-pulling & chest-expanding betwixt upright parallel poles. The
rest of the fellows at Calisthenics.      Afterwards, they held a
preliminary meeting anent on approaching Exhibition they�re about
getting up.            Leaving, we went to Erfords & anon came in
Swinton & Brightly, (the latter having just returned from Philadelphia,)
and presently Damoreau.         So we stayed till midnight & then
parted, homewards.
  31. Thursday.   Sick all day. Indigestion.       Down town twice, & did big Picayune drawing.
Will Kidder with some boy friend called in the evening, but soon
left.   Waud came, staying awhile, then he off to the Gymna-
sium,  & I, to bed by 8.               
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