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Text for Page 178 [04-01-1853]

              April /
  {1.  Friday.       Drawing in-doors, with journeys down town during
  2. Saturday.}       day times.  Evenings at the Gymnasium, which
I, with Waud, have joined.   A letter from home.   Different
calls, Horton, and an employee of Stringer & Townsend with
jobs to do.   Alfred Brown at Gymnasium Friday night.   His
brother & Brightly with us on Saturday.
  3. Sunday.  Welden came, and anon Alfred Brown & his
brother.      Off together to an unknown eastern part of the town,
there to drink much lauded ale, and lunch impromptu, in a
small tavern parlour, full of smoke and men.    Thither came
Neagle & others.        Left, & parting with the Browns, I went
on with Welden.  Talk how the �Lantern� was near extinguishment,
and how another O�Brien edited one was projected. Destined to prove a miserable 
fizzle    Called
at the Saint Charles &c.   Welden went home to dine, I joining
him in the afternoon, there tarrying till 8, himself, wife, and
a certain Yankee young wife there.   Welden had to go to the
Times at 6,  I stayed awhile, then left, to room for a
few minutes, then to Beach Street.        Found Mrs K, Lotty,
Morse and some four or five of both sexes        There tarried till
11, time passing pleasantly,  talk, eating nuts,  Lotty�s
singing, & moderate ale imbibition.      Rainy night.               
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