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Text for Page 179 [04-04-1853]

              4.  Monday.  At work on Stringer & Townsend�s picture.
A dismally wet day.      At nightfall comes Damoreau, and we
supped together at Erfords, then both to my room, I to drawing,
and he to reading aloud, bits from �Humphrey�s Clock�.     Anon
we got to tods, talking & pipes.     Thus till midnight, when he
  5. Tuesday.   Down town, to Wells & Webbs, to engravers in
Fulton Street, out with Brightly, Holcomb & Waud, imbibing.   Then
to room, Brightly walking with me.    Down town, to Hannegan,
thence, to Bunnell & Price�s.        Ran there anent a refusal of mine
to draw a pro-slavery picture.      Evening to Gymnasium, calling
at Mulbery Street by the way.    Waud there.  Fellows all
rehearsing for an approaching exhibition.
  6.  Wednesday.    Drawing, Picayune work.    Down town after din-
ner, with three blocks.     To Hannegans & with him to Stringer &
Townsend�s.  Got $4.  To Picayune Office.   Price & Alcock
there, to Lantern Office, where was Brougham & Carroll,
and to post Office.      Return up town.        A true April day,
froward and changeable, now a ten minutes shower of rain,
now bright sunlight & clear sky.        Bunnell called.
Evening at the Gymnasium.  Waud & Brightly there.
  7.  Thursday.   A letter from Barth announcing his
marriage.    If the day on on which I recieve it be an augury               
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