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Text for Page 180 [04-07-1853]

              of his wedded life, he will have right little to complain of.
So mote it be!  /      Drawing.   Down town in afternoon. Calls
at Welden�s, Hannegan�s, �Picayune� Office,  Lantern &c,
(where Brougham paid me $5 unasked.)      Return up Broadway
& Park, a sunny, exhilarating day, buds peeping out on trees,
and grass lush & lusty-looking, bright glad sky overhead.
Evening at Gymnasium, the which I enjoy amazingly.    Waud
there but for brief space.
  8.  Friday.  Wrote a letter to my mother.    Down town, &
a Brooklyn call.   Evening at the Gymnasium.   Damoreau
there & Waud.
  9. Saturday.   Wrote to Barth.   Down town calls, Post-
Office &c   Dining at Erfords, Kelly found me there. With
him to Fulton Street, calling on Waud.       Calls.   Return
to room.   In the morning, as I sate writing, there had
come a scratching at the door, and on it being opened in
rushed a great [word crossed out] a dog; who, (her master having
called in at some lower room,)   had found her way upstairs,
and there would stop, occasionally making discursive bolts
along the passage, anon returning to my room.      Presently
she disappeared, and I having to go out, thought no more
of her.      But at eventide, lo, she comes scratching again,
and I admitting, conducted herself as wont.  I               
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