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Text for Page 181 [04-09-1853]

              gave her some water, and anon fetched her bread, which
not being enough I went for more.     She behaved a little riotously
albeit good tempered, got my hairy cap in her mouth, and I
had to alternately make much of and lick her mildly.   So
I locked the door, and off to Franklin Street, to call on Waud.
He not in, returned.  Dog all right.  Went off to Gymnasium.
Waud there anon,  Brightly & Damoreau.      Exercising till 10,
ale afterwards.    Returned by 11 1/2, dog all right under the table,
went to bed myself, had to bid her �lie down� once or twice, then
she went to sleep and so did I.        If her master don�t claim
[word crossed out], and she�ll stay, I�ll keep her, she�s a good looking,
big, brown and white, with a fine head, and can stand
with her paws on table, and head up to your shoulders.
  10   Sunday.  Up by 7, dog rampant, sniffling about for
lost master.    Let her out on staircase once or twice, but she
came back.      To breakfast, brought a lot of scraps for dog,
which she walked into at a great rate.     Waud & the two 
Browns came.      A walk to and about the Battery.   Dined
alone at Erfords, then to room.    Brightly and Waud
came.    Out with them, and parting strolled up to Grand
Street, calling in on Neagle & Briggs.   Thence to Mr Greatbatch,
where I tarried till 8 or so, thence to room & dog.
Damoreau & brother came, out with them & parting,               
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