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Text for Page 084 [02-01-1850]

  1. Friday. �Mose�, and that not so industriously as ^|in| the
other days.   In the evening, April-like afternoon went to the
Post Office with letter for M.   And returning called in at Warren
Butlers, but did not find him.
  2. Saturday. �Mose�. Evening, a dreary walk about
divers dirty, disreputable-looking streets hereabouts.
  3. Sunday.  Reading, Shelley, Smollett and the Vicar
of Wakefield. Fire lit, relit and extinct perseveringly.   Night,
a walk to Christopher Street:  Joe there, having returned on
Monday last.  Says he�s weak, rheumatic, limbs swelled &c.
  4. Monday. �Mose�, � Busy as a fiend all day, spite of
head ache, indigestion and legions of blue devils. /   Can�t forgive
that abominable bell down at airs.  When too dusk to draw, I had
lain down on bed, sombre musing, the heat of the fire sent me to
the land of dreams.   I had returned � had my arms round her waist
and was speaking � when �Jangle! Jangle, crash! smash � smash!�
� bell ringing for supper! 	       Which did this dream issue from �
the Ivory & Horn gate?       /       Remained indoors till 8, ex
pecting Collinsin and Hughie, then went to the Clinton Hall.
Park Godwin on Goethe � A careful, though somewhat condensed
analyas of Wilhelm Meister and the Faust.   Of the latter
the complete whole of First and Second parts ably manifested.               
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