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Text for Page 182 [04-10-1853]

              I to Beach Street;   Mrs K, Lotty & some folk of either
sex.    There till 11.
  11.  Monday. Down town early.  Calls.   Returning,
called on Welden.  To room.     Welden joined me at dinner,
and together to Ottignons, there talking with Wood anent the
coming Exhibition, & reporting it in �Times�.    Briggs there
practising.       In the fencing room where the snob Hammersley,
(who delivered the Risleys Thames Panorama discourse,) was giving
lessons.    Return,  making calls.   Down town.  Wells &
Webb  &c,  supped at Welden�s, thence to room.   Called
at Mrs Kidders for boy Will, � blind mans but &c &c
romping going on.    Promised to join �em later in the evening,
at off to Gymnasium, calling at Weber�s by the way.    An
hours hard exercise, then returned to Beach Street.    All
playing cards.     Talked with Morse of Books &c.  Stayed
till nigh midnight, then to room & dog.  Getting excellent
friends together.
  12.  Tuesday.  Disagreable, matagrabolized day, dull
& after noon wet.   Working, lazily or stupidly, till evening,
when I mended.   Down town once, calls at Wells & Webb
& Spottiswoode for not-yet-come parcel.    Morse called for a
few seconds.    Welden called � told me how my M S had
had a narrow escape from the destruction to which some scores               
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