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Text for Page 183 [04-12-1853]

              of others had been consigned & that Raymond had read, liked
and accepted it.   �Tis mighty well.      Waud called in
morning.   Evening drawing, rain outside, lit fire,
& having finished drawing made much of the dog, then
wrote awhile.   Just now she�s on the mat and under the table
at which I write, very well content.
  13.  Wednesday.  Down town with drawings, Picayune Office
&c.     Called at the Fulton Street office, seeing Waud there, &
accompanying Brown as far as mine own place, thence up stairs.
Welden came, requesting me to �squire his wife to Gymnastic Ex-
hibition.       He left.   I out again,  and willing the dog to accom-
pany me, but she declined, staying on staircase, or near door.
So I �cen locked her up again, and set off alone.  To Beach Street,
there to give tickets to Morse & Mrs K.    Tarried dinner
being bidden, sate next Lotty.     Half an hour or so afterwards,
then to Canal Street, through the rain, one Goddard, a
Georgian walking with me.   Thence, both to my room.   Drawing.
Supped at Erford�s, thence called for Mrs Welden, she
declining on account of the weather, off alone up town-wards calling
at Mulbery Street by the way.       When I arrived at Ottignon�s
it was with difficulty I could crowd in.   The Dr Bartlett
was delivering a sort of preliminary address.      The building was
well lit,  decorated with flags, and Dodsworths bound in a small               
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