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Text for Page 184 [04-13-1853]

              gallery erected for them.   All the Gymnasts where drawn up in
rank, costumed, and the outer ring of the room filled  with
spectators of both sex.      I endured the heat & pressure awhile,
then wrote a few words on a scrap of paper, got them passed to
Bartlett on the sports commencing, and incontinently stepping over
some three or four benches, entred the open space, there in
all the dignity of amateur reporter for the nonce.        The
fellows did Calisthenics, ring-practice, rope climbing, bar-
practice, spring board leaping, dumbell lifting, and any amount
of feats of strength,   Dodsworth�s band accompanying.    A little
fencing under the direction of (Hammersley, (the Thames-panorama
snob-lecturer.)       He sought me anon, seeing me note taking,
and talked apeishly.        By 10 the performances ended.   Waud,
Brightly & Brown joined me,  to the tavern, ale, &
then I left them walking down the filthy, muddy, musty, evil
looking streets unto Nassau, there upstairs into the �Times�
sanctorum.    Hot glaring lights over desks, three men at pen-
work.     Gave Welden notes & he wrote.        Slips of M S &
proof constantly ascending & descending by means of continuance.
Colloquays with men upstairs by tubes.          I sat and read
the half of the morrows �Times�, a sort of anachronism in
its way.         Welden ending his task by past midnight,  I left
him at the end of his street, and off to bed.       It is weary               
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