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Text for Page 186 [04-22-1853]

              one afternoon hither and thither.   Dog out with me,
nearly always.    One sunny afternoon to the Battery,
where I met Waud & Damoreau, who had there rested
after a half days search for a boarding-house, the which they
found in Warren Street.  All supped together, then Waud
& I to the Gymnasium, joining Brown at the house afterwards
where he was writing to his Italian donzella.       The
weather all the week alternately sunny & delectable, or dis-
mally wet.  Thunder storm on Thursday evening.
  23. Saturday.  Drawing. Made acquaintance with a neigh-
bouring room-occupant and his boy.    Stout short English-looking
American, hath been experimenting during the preceeding four
months,   creating thereby damnable smells as I can bear testi-
mony.    Dipping hams, potatoes, edibles of all sorts in a
liquid preparation of Gutta-percha, thereby coating them, & her
metically sealing them from the air for any length of time. His
boy in and out all the morning.       Will Kidder came. /
Dined at 2, as wont, then down town, with dog, Picayune
Office,  Post Office,  Engravers cock loft in Fulton Street, then
to the sunny Battery and there read for three hours
or so,   Bleak House, the current number, & divers
�Punchs� & �Examiners�.     Dog disporting herself to any
extent.          Return.    To Franklin Street, where I found               
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