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Text for Page 187 [04-23-1853]

              Waud & Brown carrying big trunks &c down stairs, prepara
tory to removal.  Talked awhile with them, Brightly &
Mrs Warner, then off, called at Beach Street for Will Kidder,
boarders in parlor, Lotty doing schottische with Georgian, her
husband playing piano.       To Gymnasium with boy.   Exercised
for an hour or so, wash,  then back.   Heard Lotty sing
the �Brindisi� from Lucrezia Borgia, & another song,
talked awhile with Morse, then left, called in at Erfords,
where were Waud & Brown, supped, & to room & 
bed by 12.
  24.  Sunday.  A villanously depressing wet day.   Endured
it till nigh 1, then to Mulberry Street, and there spent
the whole day with Mr Greatbatch, Mary Ann & boys. Dog
with me.      Read the letter from Joe.  Arrived all safe &
off for the diggings on the morrow following his letter.    Talk
and reading.      Little folks came, visitors.  Much playing
with dog.     Left at past 8, to room, left dog &
then to Beach Street.       Lotty, baby, Whytal & others in
company.  Morse & Mrs K came anon.     Had a talk with
Lotty, she retiring into the other parlour pleading headache.
She talks foolishly, wilfully, � against her husband, � in his
favour, this, that, everything; says things to him defyingly
makes confidantes of every one, be he snob, ass, booby, nin-               
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