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Text for Page 188 [04-24-1853]

              compoop as the case may be.  She craves admiration of all, 
says the rudest things, flirts with anybody, is in no one
thing to be relied on, � yet is withal still spirituelle, 
fascinating in her wild way. 
  Common-place like & dislike,
jangling, spites, hates, patched up reconciliation � what a life! /
Left about 11.
  25.  Monday.  Stirred out not at all, save for meals.
Day horribly, depressingly, dimally drizzly.   Felt miserable,
as I always do in wet weather.    Boy Jennison in and out.
Waud came.    Left him in room while I dined, found Morse
on my return.   He stayed an hour or so.    I don�t like
the man over much.     He loafs through life, � being Epicu-
rean in philosophy.     Has read, knows somewhat; has the
credit for talent, talks sometimes commonplace, sometimes
a pitch above it, & vents mouldy puns.    Seems content
in the company of asses overmuch.         Little Edward Great
batch came, stayed an hour or two.
  As I grow older how much reason I see to honor and love
good simple-hearted people.   People who are true, who
are honest in affecting to be but what they are.  Now Mary
Ann & Mr Greatbatch are not brilliant people, � he, a
man of sense, somewhat bittered it may               
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