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Text for Page 189 [04-25-1853]

              be, by the world�s buffets, working on still; talks not
much above the every day affairs of life.   She, wisest
perhaps in loving and looking up to her husband, and that�s
all.      They have three rooms, yet it is a home.      And
when I go there  I know theyre glad to see me,
and some little ray of holy home light shines down into my
heart from it.       �Tis no barrack, or inn where all can
come, say their say, laugh, talk, praise and be praised,
then depart, and straightway be forgotten.      /               I
like Waud for the Truth there is in him.    It is a very
hard article, unsweetened by phrase or profession of liking,
but truth and Sincerity it is.    He lies  in nothing, [word crossed out]
[words crossed out] bating no jot for aught living.   Charley
Brown or M. Fran�ois Damoreau, will go on with his appro-
bative selfishness through life, expecting sympathy & liking
as due to him, without return.  Waud don�t ask it, nor
affects to give it.   He may be rude, defiant, blunt-speaking
but he�s True.
  26.  Tuesday.    Drawing.   Down town calls &c.
  27.  Wednesday.  Down town early.   Called at Welden�s.
To room & drawing.  Dined, then down town.  Returning
found a scrap of information on the door from Welden, intima-               
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