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Text for Page 190 [04-25-1853]

              ting that my �Times� article was in type.   Wherefore after
supping I went to the Office, found him & Seymour there,
and looked over proof.    Up town in company with Seymour.
He to the Opera,  I to Gymnasium.      Glorious midsummerish
  28.  Thursday.  Article in �Times.�     Drawing. Welden
came.   Had intent to accompany him to a Niagara panorama
in the afternoon,  but found Damoreau at Erford�s; &
with him to Staten Island, (calling at Fulton Street for Waud
by the way, but he declined going.)       A lovely day.   Tarrying
too long on the boat, we were conveyed to the lower landing
place, and there disembarking, walked a sunny dusty mile
back, dog conducting herself in a riotous and unseemly
manner, rolling in puddles, begrinning herself horribly, anon
cleansing herself in salt water.       Arrived at Swinton�s,
found him with throat muffled up, at work in their pleasant
parlour, all greenery and beauty outside the long windows,
and solemn beautiful sunset light streaming in athwart
the carpet; a little quail hopping about the room.  Talked
half hour, had wine & back to New York.    Locked
up dog, then supped at Erford�s.      Sat till 8 or so,
then Charley took his way to Warren St,  I leaving him there
intent on writing to his ladye,    went to Burton�s, there saw               
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