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Text for Page 191 [04-28-1853]

              the last act of a sort of melodrame yclep�d Civilization, (annexed
from Voltaire,)    & the �Merry Monarch.�   Talk with Ben
Haun, then to bed
  29.  Friday.     Drawing till afternoon.    To Cliff Street,
& got home-parcel.  To Post Office, then to room.   Reading
home letters.      A book on angling, with M S comments by
Leigh Hunt, some four or five useful, home-made knick-
nacks & letters.    Very happy they made me for this
day.     Long letter from Boutcher in Italy.        To the
Gymnasium.  Waud not there.   Carroll there.  To Erford�s,
where Waud & Damoreau came anon.
  30 29. Saturday.  Drawing.  Out by 1.   To Lantern
Office,   Talk with Brougham, chaffing Levy touching the
price of one of his cuts.  To Times Office, twice,  saw
Raymond, the Editor, got $7. 50 for article.    With
Charles, (�Reveille� proprieter,) John Savage, (Irish patriot
heretofore,  & �Democratic Review� slasher, & clever fellow,)
& Welden to drink.      Parting, Welden joined me at
Erfords.         Evening at a Book Sale in Park Row, buying
books for Welden & Wilson,  �Times Editor� No 2.  in 
place of Theatre going as I had intended.      Gymnasium after-
wards.    A nigger playing banjo & singing there, very pic-
turesque scene in the dressing room,  fellows with muscular               
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