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Text for Page 192 [04-30-1853]

              limbs & costume,  red flannel &c.   To Erfords with Waud
& Damoreau, whom I found & the Gymnasium.
  1.  Sunday.  Looking out of window into the quiet sunny
street after the dog, saw Welden & Moore.   Joined them
and off for a walk  to the place notable for ale  heretofore vi-
sited by us, eastwards of the Bowery district.   Thence farther
walking, and at about noon at French�s, on quitting which
I missed the dog, (and I fear for aye.)    To Erford�s, then
parting company I dined at Sweeney�s, and then walked to
Fulton Street.    Folks not there.    Returned to room.     Out
again at 8 1/2 to Mrs Kidder�s.    Lotty, her husband & the
Georgian.   Mrs K & Morse came anon.   Talk & a pleasant
evening.     Quoth Lotty to me �I want your portrait before you
go to England.�    Why?    �Because youre� the only person who has
ever spoken truth to me about myself.� � And she ran on
in a manner that touched & surprised as much as it pleased 
me.    Her daguerrotype I am to have, as heretofore promised, at
my request.         Left at 12.
  2. Monday.  Drawing.  Welden came.  Out with him to
Bang�s Book Auction store for books I purchased on Saturday               
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