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Text for Page 193 [05-02-1853]

              even, then to �Illustrated News Office.�    Back and work.  Down
town again.   Picayune Office,   Wells & Webb &c.   Return &
dined at Erford�s, then to Beach Street, as appointed.  But
Lotty was sick, and could not go as intended with me for the
Sun to take her portrait.       There was an amusing scene in
the Hall.   A certain boarder seeking to depart without payment of
arrears, carman & vehicle at door; trunks & boxes in pas-
sage, & Morse & Whytal forbidding their removal.   Little Whytal
sate on box and defied the defaulter in democratic phrase; Morse
did the respectably legal business.     Finally the unprincipled one had
to cash up.   /          To room and drawing.    Waud came at
6. /    Supped & to Gymnasium,   Brightly came thither
anon in search of Waud, who came not.   /    I stayed
till the close, then quietly to my room.
  3.  Tuesday.  Down town for blocks, meeting Picton &
another on the way.  Drawing in room till 2.   Dined, as wont,
at Erfords, then down town, to Wells & Webbs, & then
Picayune Office.      Price preposing that we should visit the now-
erecting Crystal Palace we entred the Sixth Avenue  Cars
and were soon rattling [word crossed out] up-townwards, through sunny dusty
streets.    Arrived at the spot, my first impression of the
building was that of extreme disappointment.   It is small,
compared to what one expects.   Very busy scene all about, Price,               
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