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Text for Page 194 [05-03-1853]

              (who�s been in California) says just as San Francisco looked,
on his visit.       Wooden houses rising, show places, shanties for
liquor selling,  digging of house foundations &c.   The proposed 
Latten Observatory now looks just like a huge reversed straw-
berry basket with end pulled off.      Much bustle & clatter of
men about the �Palace�.    The huge Reservoir behind helps to
dwarf it not a little.      We ascended the top of the latter,
& there had a fine view of all.    All the skeleton of the
building is up, save dome, and glazing & flooring in process.
Price leaving me, I tarried some space, noting the busy scene,
the city & the Hudson so calm & beautiful in the sunny
evening; & then returned to New York via omnibus, catching
a glimpse at Franconi�s �Hippodrome� by the way.       Supped.
Waud at Swinton & Fay�s room, there drawing.      Welden
called for few moments.            To Gymnasium and there till
  4. Wednesday.   Drawing &c till 2.     Dined, then
down town. Calls.  To Brooklyn � Returned and about 8
called at Beach Street.    Morse, Mrs K, Lotty and another
whist playing.     Sate on sofa beside Lotty, looking on. Euchre
succeeding.     Left at 10.
  5.  Thursday.   A letter from Barth.       In doors drawing
all day, a wet, drenching, depressing one.    Matagrabolized.               
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