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Text for Page 195 [05-05-1853]

              Whytal came up at sunset, tarried half an hour.   Out with him
to drink.    Parting, I went for Supper, then up town with
Waud through the driving rain to the Gymnasium.   At Er-
ford�s afterwards, where anon, in came Kelly.
  6. Friday.   Drawing &c.     Still wretchedly wet weather.
Evening with Waud & Damoreau to Wallacks.     Very well
entertained.    �Old Heads & Young Hearts� being exquisitely played.
Price there.       Left at the conclusion of first piece & to Erfords
for supper, with Damoreau,  Waud joining us anon.  Stayed 
till nigh midnight.
  7. Saturday.  Drawing.  Edward Greatbatch called.  Down
town in the afternoon,  Picayune, Lantern & Post Offices.  Rain
ended, and sun out.  Met Mrs Warner.       Return.  Supped.
  8. Sunday.    Pitiless, drenching rain.    Out despite of
it in the afternoon with Waud & Damoreau, to discover the
residence of a certain tailor, the which was not effected.  Back
to my room, all of us,   stove side.    Supped at Erford�s,
all three, sat an hour or so.       Charley off, I to Beach
Street by 9.     Met Morse at the door,  a cigar and drink
with him at a newly open German house, with a buxom, comely
waitress, or mistress.       Then to the house.
Mrs K feeble & dismal. Lotty in next room, told me
how there had been a row �twix�t herself & mamma about               
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