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Text for Page 196 [05-08-1853]

              Morse, whom whom she, Lotty, had reviled.       Whytal came anon.
  9.  Monday.  A lovely day.  Sitting drawing with doors
& windows open.  Turning round from whitening a block, at
noontide, I found Lotty in the room,  standing in the
blessed sunlight, her clustering curls and pretty bonnet framing
that arch,  willful, innocent, knowing fascinating face.  She
was prettily dressed,  silk tartan, crimson predominating, and
little brown boots peeing out beneath it.          So I put on coat,
and as appointed off we went to Root�s Daguerreotype Rooms,
where after an hour and a half, at a second sitting, her sun-
shadow was secured for aye.           Issuing forth on Broadway
we met Whytal, who however quitted us shortly.       It being
nigh 3, Lotty anticipated she�d lost dinner, so we went to
Taylors & dined there.          Then down town together, I
leaving her in Fulton Street at her uncle�s, she taking da-
guerrotype for the time.              Evening at the Gymnasium.
Waud & Damoreau at Erford�s subsequently.
  10.  Tuesday.   Down town & drawing.  Evening
at Wallacks  with Waud and Damoreau to see �Merchant
of Venice.�     Very conventionally done.    Erford�s subsequently.
One matter of yesterday I forgot to put down.    Certain letters
from home reached me through Mr Greatbatch, hither brought
by a Mr Pierce Supple, an acquaintance of Charley�s.               
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