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Text for Page 197 [05-11-1853]

              11.  Wednesday.    Drawing till 2.     Down town after
dinner.    To Lantern Office.  Got $3 paid.    To tailors ordering
summer clothes.  Back, drawing.   Evening at Gymnasium.
Waud there.   Carroll &c.   Left at about 9 1/2 & to Beach
Street.    Talking with Mrs K and others.  Got daguerrotype.
Leaving, called in at Erfords for a glass of ale, Waud &
Damoreau there.       I wonder now, what Charley would have
thought had he known I had Lotty�s portrait in pocket.
But I told him not � why should I?
  12. Thursday.  Drawing.  Waud in room with me all
the morning.     Afternoon, little Edward Greatbatch came.   Out,
to Brooklyn � Return.
  13.  Friday.   Down town with some 16 or more drawings on
wood.   To Wells & Webb, then Harpers, anon Strongs.
Dining at Erfords, Waud & Damoreau found me there, 
& all three off to Staten Island.   Rambling about Clifton
Park, trees clad in bright spring verdure, sky darkly,
deeply beautifully blue,  thicket, copse & pod all most
lovely to look upon, everything so peacefully, holily tranquil. 
Finding a dismantled cottage we by using beam as batter-
ing room essayed to render it still more picturesque, and effect-
ted much damage, till a hornet�s next being laid bare
we were off.    Sundry drinks, and to New York by               
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