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Text for Page 198 [05-13-1853]

              the 7 o�clock boat.   Supped at Van Name�s & parted
at Stewarts at 8 1/2.             Reading & bed.
  14.  Saturday.  Up town leaving card at  the Metro
politan Hotel for Mr Supple.        Any amount of houses in
the course of being pulled down, finer to be erected on their
site.          Down town again.  To Strongs.   To room again,
then rushed down to the North River end of Murray Street
just in time to get aboard the Fort Hamilton boat.
Met Livers aboard. Talk with him.   A hot, bright un-
clouded day.   Reaching the spot, we disembarked, and
walking along towards the Fort met Creecy & Beukman.
Creecy sunburnt & Beukman fat.  /    Crossed with Creecy
to Fort Lafayette, in boat.      Here, like an aquatic Crusoe
he lives.        Over the fort, with its formidable range of
cannon, its stone staircases & clean soldier-like rooms.
Up on the roof, gazing out at the blue, glad water
as it flashed & rippled in God�s blessed sunlight even 
as it did thousands of years ere the white mans keel
ploughed it.     Little souls skimming down,   Staten Island
fresh and green on the opposing shore of the Narrows.
Inside the fort close beside the curtain mute devil contrivances
for heating shot and the like, clothes & linen being out
to dry, flickered peacefully.     No one lived in the place,               
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