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Text for Page 199 [05-14-1853]

              save Creecy & an English born Serjent ycleped Baldwin,
who came in the boat with us.      Three or four bare footed boys
ran to & fro or fished, (with no small success) at the
landing place.         Here I stayed till 5, partly talking
in Creecy�s room, clean, spacious & cellar shaped, with two
castle-like windows in the dense thickness of the fort�s wall.
Creecy thinks Barth will enlist again.             To the shore
with Baldwin, thence to the Fort where I called on Livers.
A Quadrangle, greensward inside, room all round, soldiers
about & a band practising most exhilaratingly.     With Livers
awhile then off to meet the 6 o�clock boat.     But it did not
return to New York o�Saturday �nights, so off I set merrily
up the cliff and along the road to meet a stage at Yellow 
Hook.      A heart gladdening walk.       Trees in the sheen of
spring, sweet smells in the air,  and holy evening sunlight
darting through buds & leaves and blossom, or lengthening
my shadow mightily as it passed athwart the quiet country
road.    Merrily did I jog on, coat over arm, with
sense of peace in heart, as though far away from city stir
and strife.       Yellowhook reached.   Stage gone � another coming.
Off again and walked unto Brooklyn,  took omnibus to
Fulton Ferry, supped at Erfords & to bed by 10.               
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