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Text for Page 200 [05-15-1853]

              15. Sunday.   Waud & Damoreau came, bidding me to
Staten Island rambling.    Promised to join �em.  To the
Metropolitan, left card, walked down Broadway.     Met
Bunnell.    Parted.    I to Staten Island, meeting Swinton
aboard the boat.        To the Pagoda, Clifton Park, took
a �smash� & sate gazing out on the fresh trees till nigh
2, when Waud & Damoreau came.     Dined, sat awhile,
then rambled off skirting the shore.   Passed the spot where two
summers back I camped out with Roberts� party.     Arrived
at the Old Fort on the hill, and after a survey for the most
accessible place  Charley managed to clamber up, no easy matter.  Then
he pitched a big beam over & by its aid we followed, also some lookers
on.    Anon the gate got unfastened by some on & some dozen or more
folks were strolling about inside.      Found a deep dry well, and made
a fire in it, some 100 feet deep or more.        Here till 6 1/4,
then marching in military file to the Ferry & to New York.
Supped, then Erfords & parted at 10.
  165.  Monday.   Mr Pierre Supple called.    Man about 40,
commercial-traveller-looking.     Richardson called.  /   Drawing.  Edward
Greatbatch came. Letter from home.     Item in it how my Aunt
Anna Mapleson has had to leave her knave of a husband &
is now at our house.          How inevitable it is that in the
course of time a man will act up to his nature, scampish               
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