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Text for Page 201 [05-16-1853]

              or otherwise.   Now this fashionable well whiskered & hair dyed
knave played the outwardly respectable for a mightily long time.
But he was fairly judged by my good old dead & gone grandfather
long long ago.    It is the fitting corollary of it.    How many
folks I now can think of whose youth gave promise of what
they have since fallen to.      Evening Gymnasium, & Mr Greatbatchs.
  17.  Tuesday.   Drawing.   Down town by 1,  Picayune
Office & tailors &c   Call at Hutching�s �Time Piece� &c   Dined at
Rainbow.    Return to Office & drawing.   Whytal came, sat &
smoked, & told me of his wooing and wedding Lotty.  Left at 6,
I supped, then to �Chinese Rainbow�, John Owens Alpine Rambles
& ascent up Mout Blanc.     A clever colloquial, monologic, pan-
oramic exhibition.     At its� close strolled into Gymnasium &
there found Waud & Damoreau.        Walking down Broadway
together met Baudoin & drank tgether at the �Star.�
  187.  Wednesday.  Down town early with drawings.     Called at
Times Office for Welden.    Talking awhile, then off up town with intent
to visit the Crystal Palace.   Call on Webb, at Novello�s store.
Met John Savage, drinking with him.      Anecdote of Picton.  Seymour
met him the other day, in tears, blubbering, � and was told of the
death of his grandmother, and entreated to put it in Times.   So he
did, and next day Picton writes a flaming & enfuriate letter vilifying
�em for it!               Took cars & to Reservoir, over & about               
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