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Text for Page 086 [02-05-1850]

              on his island, and no such heathful thoughts.
  6. Wednesday. Yesterday repeated.  Intensely lonely.
  7. Thursday.  �Mose� all day, as usual.   Hughie came
in the evening.  Two letters from me, � one from Wing; and
one from Hart, expectant of the stories, or part of them. Out with
Hughie � (his good-humoured face cheered the dull hot room
mightily, by the bye � Like the good Vicar of Wakefield I love
happy faces.)   A walk down Broadway.  Then passed over through
the crushing ice to Jersey, and the Boot Store. Old Collinson
hard at work.  There an hour, a glass of ale, I walk to
the house with them, they walk back to the Ferry with me, and
there we part.
  8. Friday.  Wrote to Hart.  And taking letter to Post Office
made a call at Ann Street, owing by Newsboys, that Hardin An-
drews � the first Editor of �Empire City�, [words crossed out]
[words crossed out], had started a paper of his own.  He was not 
in � must call again.   /    Back to Duane, and hard, hard,
at work on �Mose�.  Unwell in body � horrid indigestion, and 
low-spirited in mind, to excess.  No present cause to fear it,
but thoughts of my present job-ending body � not getting paid �
if it was to hap.   So heart-sick, so melancholic I can�t describe.
  9. Saturday.   Calling saw Hardin Andrews. Contrast
on the right side with Hawkins.  Gave me a file of his paper.               
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