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Text for Page 203 [05-22-1853]

              Damoreau rowed me about on the broad river in the solemn moonlight,
Castle Garden windows lit up and clang of music issuing thenceforth
into the night.       Latter part of the aquatic hour disagreable, inas
much as the rowers quarrelled an an oar was lost & not recovered till
much rowing hither & thither.   Supped at Erfords & each to his
bed by 10.
  23.  Monday.  Drawing, down town visits & Gymnasium.
Waud with me at the latter.
  24.  Tuesday.   Wet day.  Drawing, & down town.   Evening
to Wallacks.  �Don Cesar� & �Used up.�      Drenching rain on leaving.
  25.  Wednesday.  Drawing &c.  Think it was this day, or
yesterday that I got a note from Barth, with $20, bidding me go pay
a Washington Market Butcher with it, which I did.    Recollect not
what in the evening, probably Gymnasium.  Or called at Warren
Street for Waud, and ascending devious and confusedly contrived staircases
to the house-top, found Damoreau alone in small room, writing to his
Italian inamorata.  Tarried awhile then through dank and rainy streets
to room & bed.  This one evening, can�t recall which.
  26.  Thursday.   Drawing.     Being over at Brooklyn in the
afternoon, called on Seymour, and after a cup of tea, we passed over to
New York together; called at �Times� Office, then up town to Gymna-
sium.   Waud there.
  27 and 28.  Friday.  Can�t detail with any minuteness, having               
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