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Text for Page 204 [05-22-1853]

              nearly let a week slip by.  The customary amount of drawing, goings
down town, callings, and seeing folk.   Gymnasium.     Wrote to
  28  Sunday.  To the Battery, a bright, sunny lovely day.
Waud rowing about in boat, hailing me, I embarked, and together
we moved tranquilly to and fro over the smooth water, now stretching
out to look at the Sardinian frigate, now noting the big piles and
blockade work prepared for the Battery Enlargement job.    It may
be t�will look prettier when effected, but will make a dirt heap of the
pleasant resort all the Summer in transition, � may be some three summers.
  Found Seymour, at length, in Rabineaus, and off to Staten Is-
land, on the densely crowded ferry boat.   Swinton found us anon.
Off down the bright, beautiful bay.       Landing, a quartette of Ice-
Creams and punches, then Swinton off to his home, and we to our
day�s ramble.   Through the thicket and copse wood, over the moss and
leaves, along dusty roads, by winding lanes to Fresh Pond, a
delectable spot, a minature lake framed by a sea of verdure.  These
we found some hundred Germans, men and women, rusticating.  They
had made little impromptu arbours for the girls, had a cart containing
provant, and were all singing choruses, laughing, talking & happy.
Germans know how to enjoy themselves simply 
& truly.
Off again, and by 2 o�clock found ourselves, hot and hungry at
Clifton Park.    Old Swinton there, and anon his son.       After               
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