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Text for Page 205 [05-29-1853]

              an hours delay we got dinner.    Sundry drinks,  then as the sun
was declining westwards, we started with intent to go to the old
Fort.   But we overshot the mark, and clambering from thicket
and copse to a hill top, saw we had over passed it.  Back
briskly and by boat again to New York.     At Woodburgs for
a drink, met Picton.    Seymour off, Waud and I parted
at about 9, and each to his bed.
  30.  Monday.  �Picayune� drawings &c.     Lotty came.
She and her husband are again passionately struggling at each
end of that ill forged marriage chain.  He doubts, distrusts
and rages, � she defies and torments him.    A coarse
commonplace good-sort-of-mortal, using oaths and foul words when
angered.   She wedded him unloving and uncaring for him,
a wrong done in that.     He after his fashion cares for her,
enough to be mad and jealous.        And she � says she
hates him.         Even as she has sown, does she reap. 
 A bitter harvest!    Withal, and worst of all she
has learnt nothing, changed in nothing, and is wilfully de-
termined in going her own wild road, lead where it will.
  I see no help for it, they must jangle on, or snap
the ring inhooping them.      It might have been hoped that
the child would draw them closer to each other, but
no!    �No disparity in marriage like that of unsuit-               
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