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Text for Page 206 [05-30-1853]

              ability of mind and purpose.�       Spake as earnestly as I felt
on the matter, sorrowfully withal, for hearing her voice and
looking at her face how could it be otherwise, and she
after nigh upon two hours stay left, and went home.
Down town during the afternoon, at Strongs,  met and talked
with Mc Lenan.            Evening through rain drops to Gymnasium
and there exercised till 10, few there,  a storm of rain out-
side, and as I returned to my room.
  31.  Tuesday.  Lotty came again � more scenes have
occurred.    Coming down, dressed for a walk to the dinner
table,  Whytal asks her curtly where he intends going.
�To the Hippodrome!�   �Who with?�  �A Gentleman!�  (It was
her grandfather.)       He unknowing, raging, suspecting he knew
not what, forbids her harshly & rudely, sits mad and wretched
for two hours in the parlour with intent to follow or prevent
her leaving the house, which she does not do, and so that
Scene passes.           Last night witnessed a crueller one.  At such
time when I walking swiftly though musingly through deserted
Broadway and driving rain did it occur.      Whytal coming
home, and seeing their chamber at the house top, maddened
either by her silence or hard words uttered, (it might be either,)
accused her in coarse brothel
phrase of dishonor, threatened to take the child and leave               
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