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Text for Page 208 [05-31-1853]

              I held her hand,  I looked into her beautiful, womanly-
childish face, and my head sunk down with heart-aching
sorrow for her, � her little hand rested on it � I was
�Tom!� �Dear Friend!�       And our lips met. There
was no thought impure or wrong in either heart.      And so we
talked on, till nigh 3, when Mr Greatbatch called, and
Lotty went away, bidding me visit them soon.           I went
down town, did calls &c, and going down stairs sprained my
ancle severely.   So went to the Hippodrome at night, in
place of Gymnasium, walking thoughtfully back, looking up to
the night and thinking of what Was and Might Be in
this world.
  1.  Wednesday.   Drawing, Picayune work, and hither
and thither.   Evening after looking in at Burton�s and
seeing Ben Haun, and a farce, I went to Beach Street.
Stayed till nigh 12, talk with Morse & Mrs K, and
latter part of the Evening with Lotty.  She gave me a letter.
  2.  Thursday.   Down town, Picayune & Lantern Office.
Brougham there, told me of the approaching demise of the
Lantern, that I was �in at the death.�       Gave me
an order for three on the Lyceum, at my request.   Dined               
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