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Text for Page 209 [06-02-1853]

              at the Rainbow & then to Warren St.   Waud not there.
Found him at Swintons, and at his request to Brady�s,
there to have divers large picturesque daguerrotypes of myself
ta�en, en sombrero, and a la Harry the 8th; Brady
wanting �em as show pictures.      Waud had been ta�en before.
Both of us taken together.      Six o�clock and Waud off
for Staten Island,     I to Beach Street, and from thence
to the theatre with Lotty, her Mother & Morse.   Twas a 
good entertainment, & pleasant evening.      On quitting, it
was past 12,  and we walked on, Lotty & I preceeding the
other twain, when Whytal suddenly appeared in the other side
of Lotty.    He looked angry and agitated, � Lotty would not take
his arm, talked to her mother,   I said little, feeling in false
position, and so we reached the house together.  Then I drew Why-
tal back, told him how the impromptu theatre expedition had chan-
ced.  (He had suspected Lotty of knowing it yester night, and 
keeping it hid from him.)     He told me again and again he
thought no ill of her going with me, & � shook hands.    I went
back to the house, stayed five minutes, while Lotty sung a song,
and then bade them good night.       She came to the door to
see me out.
  �What did you have to say to John?� said she.
I told her.       �I wish you had not!�      �The man is unhappy,               
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