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Text for Page 210 [06-02-1853]

              � he loves you as well as his nature can love � �
  � Love!� said she, fiercely �
  I said a few hurried words, her hand pressed mine, and
we parted.    I think I see her now, with her large wild eyes,
clustering hair, and light dress; the lamp in the hall shining down 
on it.
The partially closed door, � and the moonlight,  trees, and troubled 
sky as I turned away.
  3.  Friday.  Drawing & calls down town.  Evening at
Gymnasium with Waud.    A magnificent storm at midnight, thun-
der, lightning and rain unconceivably grand & awfully beautiful.
Sate at window, looking at the glare and driving water.
  4. Saturday.  Dillon Mapother came, having again crossed the
Atlantic;  talk of his doings, home rejoicings & fet�s. Out
with him; parted.   He came again in the afternoon, & with
Kelly.    All to Jersey Street,  & called on Waud.   Out together
to Fulton Street, &c  then Kelly leaving us, to Jersey Ferry &
Patten�s Hotel,  where Dillon effected the transportation of his bag-
gage to Jersey.     Evening with Waud to the Gymnasium, whither
Kelly & Dillon came at 10.     Erford�s anon.
  5.  Sunday.  To the Staten Island Ferry by 10, where on
board I found, or shortly after arrived, Dillon, Kelly, Waud
& Swinton.         Also chanced on Mr Greatbatch and family, all
bent on rusticating for the day.          Arrived at the Island,               
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