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Text for Page 211 [06-05-1853]

              Dillon, I & Kelly went on to the lower landing place, then
to Clifton Park.   Ice creams & drinks, then a ramble
through and around the place.     Which rambling having
been re-iterated till 1,  came Waud & Swinton.    All
(save Swinton ) set off for a walk to the Old fort & then
along the margin of the sea farther on.    All had a bathe,
enjoying it mightily,  breasting the rolling surf and flowing brine,
the unwinking  Day God all aglare having tempered the water
most delectably.     Back, along the banks & cliff, and
by the 6 o�clock boat returned to Manhattan.   Fed at
Van Name & Bush�s, then parted, the rest to their 
several abodes; I to my cock-loft, and half an hour
subsequently, (by 9 1/2 )  to Beach Street.       Lotty,
her husband & a friend of his were at the door � she dressed
in close fitting black velvet bodice, and dress full & flowing
�neath it.       Divers small coquetries did she, plucking off the hat
of Whytal�s friend, placing it on her own head &c.    Presently
they left, & I & Lotty went in the parlor.      Her mother came
but stayed not long.             Sat conversing with Lotty till nigh
upon 12.            It is with almost the assured knowledge,
(embothering sympathy,) that she has learnt nothing, is changed
in nothing, and loves nothing, that I talk with her.  Defiant,
fickle, restless, all demanding, nothing yielding, insincere               
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