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Text for Page 087 [02-09-1850]

              Drawing all day � till 11 at night. Industry and
indigestion to the greatest possible extent.
  10. Sunday. Afternoon Fred and Edward came.  Out with them
to the scene of a recent explosion, nigh the Bowery � some 90 lives lost.
Narrow lane, crowds of people, piles of brick and timber, house down.
/  Up Broadway with the boys.  Christopher Street.  Mr Greatbatch
[unclear word] � foot festered.   There till 9, then return to Duane.
  {11. Monday.    �Mose� each day, sans pause till past 10 at night.
  12. Tuesday.}    Unwell, irritable, melancholic, misanthropic. /
Here�s a bit of a gestative philosophy � Never knew a good-humored
healthy-minded fellow � (a Pantagruelist in short) � who liked meat
when over-cooked. This I believe in.   /     This day, or rather
night finished Stone 2.  Have drawn four double-drawings during
the last fortnight � litho-work too.
  13. Wednesday.  Getting a box made, and the two stories into it;
a car man to take it down to the Pier. Weary, weary, porter�s work.
That done rambled on to the Battery, and there met Herr Rothschild
of Wenham reminiscences, and a companion of his.  Rambled back to
the Park in company with them.   An �Indignation� meeting of the
New York Newsboys there.    Rothschild and crony left.   I met
Garrison and Moore, the two printers I had seen employed on the �Empire
City.� ( Hawkins condemned to thirty days imprisonment.) 	Joe
having lent me Marryat�s �Little Savage�, its perusal set me on
reading Robinson Crusoe � (of which it is but a plagiarism adapted               
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