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Text for Page 213 [06-05-1853]

              all caution.            I�m not sure but that I�m an ass and
fogy for proferring it.          I know her as she is, yet
have a sympathy and interest in her painful almost.
T�would be easy enow to invent palliation, say it has
been forced on her &c, but I must pity her with my
eyes open.       I doubt not but that she has kept true
to her husband, as far as actual criminality is concerned;
but Pride and Self-Will have done it alone, � Devils
barring out other Devils.      Yet what sort of purity is that
that has had a rabble of Popes, and Ward�s and Jack
Hardenbrooks & small Dods round it, talked to them,
confided in �em � bah!
  How horrible all this is, thought of in connection with 
Lotty�s face.       But it�s a true chapter in Life, 
so let it be put down.
  6.  Monday.  Drawing &c.     Evening with Waud
to Wallack�s, there to see �As You Like It�.  Very
pleasantly was sweet Rosalind played by Laura Keene,
�twas all that might be wished, save in one part; � that
she was not equal to.  I mean the scene of Rosalind�s
swooning and assuming it to be �counterfeit� � �counterfeit,
I assure you!�        The exquisite womanly tenderness, so 
struggled against, was not there.    Nevertheless there was               
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