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Text for Page 215 [06-06-1853]

              says of the Duke, �I�ve been all day to avoid him � he is
too disputatious for me.    I think of as many things as he, but
give God thanks and make no boast of them.�
  7.  Tuesday.    Drawing.   Visitors.  Waud, Ben
Haun,   Dillon  &c.           Evening Gymnasium.
  8.  Wednesday.       Drawing, and down town,  hither
and thither.    Whytal came at 6 1/2, and to Beach Street
with him; thence with Lotty and her mother to Burtons.
That handsome, lady-like  English woman  Mrs Marchant,
who with her husband lived at the Leonard Street boarding 
house, when I stayed there, played at Burton�s to-night.
  I met her husband at Erfords at dinner-time;  told
me how they had been playing down south & at Philadelphia,
with success.             Burton�s was crowded, as wont.  �Miss
E Raymond (�as her theatrical name is,)  did a Spanish
donna, assuming male attire, in �She Would and She
Would Not.�           Farce followed .      Took Lotty &
her mother home, and then left, after brief space.
9.	Thursday.  Drawing.  Folks calling.  Down town.
Evening  Gymnasium.   Waud there.   Erford�s.   Damoreau
back from a Boston visit, finding his Italian widow.
  10.  Friday.  Work &c   A Brooklyn visit.     Evening
out with Waud & a German wood-pecker in the boat of               
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