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Text for Page 216 [06-10-1853]

              the former, (recently purchased from Swinton) cruising about
on the North River.       Called for Dillon in Jersey City,
and then rowing or sailing about till 9.    Erford�s subsequently.
  11.  Saturday.   Drawing, and down town &c.  Evening
While sitting at work in the morning comes Mrs Kidder,
and to borrow money till next month.   Lent $20.       
Gymnasium, and returning called in at Erford�s; and found
Dillon,  Waud,  Damoreau,  Kelly & � Mr Hart!
He had arrived from Chicago, that day.      Sate talking till
11 1/2 & I walked to Jersey Ferry with them.
  12. Sunday.  Mr Hart came at 11.  Walked down town
together, & to the Battery, thence I crossed with to
Jersey & dined & stayed the rest of the day with him
& Dillon.     They live at a pleasant place.   Hart
& Dillon played chess awhile after dinner,  I sat at open
window smoking and gazing luxuriously from the tall house
top out on New York, in all the glory of a summer�s
sabbath afternoon.       An Ocean steamer arrived.        At 7
or so came Waud;    he & Damoreau, the latters� sister &
brother had been cruising about in the boat all day; & now
came for Dillon.            Hart and I crossed to New York
by ferry boat,  and attracted by the sight of a great fire
in Brooklyn, walked to the Battery to see it.  It was               
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