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Text for Page 217 [06-12-1853]

              extensive.        Up Broadway to hear
Chapin preach.      Met Dillon, Waud & Damoreau
at Erford�s subsequently.
  13.  Monday.   Drawing, title to �Moon Hoax� &c.
Mr Hart came.      Dined together at Erford�s; to room again;
then down town.   Bunnell & Price�s &c.   Calls.       Left Mr
Hart in Nassau Street,     back to room, supped & work
till 7, then up town to the Stuyvesant Institute,  to 
Sedgwick�s concert, at which Lotty (alias Miss De Forrest)
�assisted.�       It was a dreary, feeble business; the lecture
spoken all damnable  common places, inconcievably inane. Sedgwick
sang in inefficient drawing room style, nor did Lotty
appear to any great advantage.      The audience were not many
but very goodnatured.    Mrs K & Morse & other folk
I knew were there, though I didn�t see the former.   Met
Seymour who stayed half the �entertainment�.      Two of Lotty�s
songs were encored, the latter owing to the enthusiastic
hand-applause of little Whytal, who sat on a rear bench,
from which, before I saw him I had particularly noted
the clamor therefrom proceeding!        We shook hands &
talked awhile & I was leaving, when he called to me
from the little railed-in semi-circle where the lecture &
singing was given.          So I went into a small subter-               
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