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Text for Page 218 [06-13-1853]

              ranean sort of room in the rear whither Lotty had to descend  to between
the intervals of her singing.     She was there,  dressed in
white, with flowers in her hair and recieved the praises of
two fellowed who came in with us, (I�ve met �em at Beach
Street before,) in a �it�s-only-right-to-worship-me � style.
That made me laugh.        I asked her if the folk applaud-
ded her enough.            Sedgwick was there, moustached, patent-leat-
her booted & �professional� looking.     Meantime little Whytal
was busily trying to uncork a porter-bottle with a broken pocket
knife, which having effected he handed the contents with much
affection to Lotty, which she with gusto despatched.        I relished
the incongruities, white dress, bouquets and beer immensely.
Presently Lotty told us all to pack, wanting to undress
& dress for walk home, and running out into the little
rostrum commented on the abrupt descent of the stairs to the
retiring room.    �How did it look?�   �Why you looked as
if you took a three-feet jump down each time!� quoth I.
�Your�e a snob!� said she.      And so we parted, and
I walked down Broadway to my room,   laughing intensely
with silent rib-aching merriment at the recollection of the
whole evening�s business.        Oh manly, [words crossed out]
frank, humbug scorning Thackeray!   thou who didst
so delectably touch off Miss Castigan in Pendennis,               
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